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Be Smarter Now Podcast

Jun 14, 2019

Let’s take the time to squash a few grammar bugs. I promise it won’t be messy... If grammar wasn’t your favorite subject in school, you probably have several friends who can commiserate with you. We can get away with some of these errors in our everyday speech because conversation usually flows quickly enough that some errors just go unnoticed. However, print is not forgiving, and errors jump out on the page. So, take the extra time to review your work—even wait a day if you can—and you’ll look a whole lot smarter.

Today, we’re talking about Its vs. It’s and Your vs. You’re.

Do you have a grammar bug? We’ll help you squash it! Message me below, and we just may cover it in an upcoming video. Or tag us on social media and use #GrammarBug.

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